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The Benefits of Choosing Memory Care Sooner Than Later

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A senior living resident sitting in the commons area of a retirement community

Navigating a dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis with your loved one takes special care. Seeking memory care can offer the structured support and therapies needed to help sustain independence for as long as possible.

The care required by those with dementia often surpasses what family caregivers can offer without leading to overwhelming burnout. Choosing a safe, secure, and supportive place explicitly tailored to those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s can give the best possible support for your loved one.

The Benefits of Memory Support

In memory care communities at Bethany Village, residents receive 24-hour personalized care in a safe, comfortable setting. Carefully designed living and communal spaces, engaging activities, and family support are at the heart of our memory support community.

Making plans for memory care immediately following a diagnosis can empower your loved one to have a hand in their future care. Those with early-stage dementia can participate in their transition, adjust to their surroundings, and get to know the people around them.

Certified Dementia Care Practitioners and nurses are on-site to provide enriching programs to keep the mind sharp and body active to support well-rounded well-being. Beginning supportive memory care as early as possible, even in the initial, easier-to-manage stages of dementia, can help equip your loved one and family with the resources necessary to process and understand progressive conditions.

Improve Senior’s Social Network

When a person is diagnosed with dementia, their world can shrink. Isolation and loneliness can negatively impact overall health, including one’s dementia. Creating a social network to rely on is critical. In our memory support community, residents have rich social lives with activities, creative outlets, and supervised excursions to help foster friendships between residents.

Supportive Care for Families

Caring for a loved one with dementia is a 24/7 job, and for a non-professional, can be overwhelming. The needs of someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s are significant and only grow as their condition progresses. Trying to do it alone can be all-consuming, leading to caregiver burnout.

Memory care isn’t just valuable for the resident. Memory support staff offer families resources otherwise inaccessible, and you can rely on the expertise and training of professional care providers.As a family, your job should be to create new memories, cherish old ones, and walk down memory lane with your loved one, enjoying your time together.

A female nurse talks to a memory care resident as he works on a puzzle

Support for Seniors

Memory-supportive care is unique, and Bethany Village offers a carefully designed lifestyle to benefit those with dementia in various ways.

Activities & Routines

Those with memory conditions at any stage benefit from routines, daily activities, and programs designed to support independence, help cognitive functions like focus and memory, and encourage socialization among residents. Structured and planned activities such as music therapy, art therapy, and outdoor activities can help enrich residents’ lives and cultivate friendships.

Whether their preferred activities are crafts, spending time in nature, caring for animals, or exercising, at Bethany Village, we provide residents with activities and events to appeal to everyone at any stage of their lives.


A crucial concern for family members of those living with dementia is the significant likelihood that, if unchecked, they could wander off. Even in the early stages of dementia, getting lost or confused can be challenging, yet it is a common problem occurring in roughly 60 percent of dementia patients.

In our secure memory support community, the environment is designed to limit wandering behavior and is closely monitored throughout the day and night. Additional features, like wearable tracking monitors or emergency systems, help keep residents safe while encouraging independence and exploration.

Personalized Care

Dementia and Alzheimer’s progression doesn’t always follow a roadmap, and everyone’s experience of their condition is different. Therefore, one-size-fits-all care isn’t the right approach. Caregivers at Bethany Village are carefully selected and trained in dementia support to meet the needs of residents and families. Staffed with Dementia Care Practitioners, registered nurses, and social workers, professionals are on site 24/7 to fulfill any need.

Choose Memory Care Early

When the time comes to choose memory support, schedule several tours and meet with several staff members with your loved one. Involve your loved one if possible in making decisions about their future care together.

To learn more about memory support care at Bethany Village in Dayton, contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and concerns!

Written by Bethany Village

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