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What Is It Like to Live in a Retirement Community?

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A group of seniors sitting together in a retirement community

A number of people are choosing to live in retirement communities today. These residences range from high-end hotel types to basic apartments, with a wide variation in cost and facilities. Some are for those who don’t need many services, and others cater to seniors with specific requirements. 

If you or a loved one is looking for a catered retirement experience, several things need consideration. Many start by asking: What’s it like to live in a retirement community? Let’s answer that question by looking at the lifestyle options, amenities, and services these communities provide.  

What Is a Retirement or Senior Living Community?

Statistics show more than 16%, more than one in seven Americans, are 65 and older. The numbers increase every year, with continued growth expected to reach 21.6% by 2040. 

With an aging population, the demand for retirement communities has been and is on the rise. But what does a retirement community or senior living community mean or look like for a senior person? 

A retirement community is a place that provides housing, healthcare, and a wide variety of activities and events. They cater to seniors who are looking for a comfortable place to retire among their peers. Independent living in retirement communities offers help to seniors who also want to live an active lifestyle. Assisted living provides extra assistance to those who need it.

Retirement communities have different living spaces to fit individual needs while maintaining some independence:

  • Cottages 
  • Villas 
  • Apartment homes

Different Living Options to Choose

Everyone comes to that point or age when they have to think about what sort of living arrangement best suits their needs. This is where living options offered by retirement communities come in.

Healthy seniors who move into a retirement community can take advantage of a larger social circle, the abundance of activities and hobbies to enjoy and feel part of the community. Then when the time comes, they will have an easier transition into a higher level of care.

Many retirement communities offer independent living, assisted living, and nursing care.

Independent Living

When your loved one craves independence but wants to downsize and look forward to more connection, they may be ready for independent living.

Convenient features of independent living can include the following: 

  • Transportation
  • Security
  • Home maintenance
  • Technology support
  • Garage parking
  • Wellness center

Assisted Living

Assisted living offers an extra level of help and care while maintaining some independence. The balance assures seniors of their freedom and the flexibility with custom care solutions. 

Memory Support

Memory support is for seniors living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Memory care support for seniors includes appropriate care, safety, and enriching programs. 

A group of seniors talking and drinking coffee, while a young female nurse talks with them as well

Retirement Community Lifestyle

Some seniors choose to live in a retirement community out of necessity, and others as a lifestyle choice. There are many benefits to living in a senior living community, including amenities, prepared meals, the social aspect, and healthcare when needed. 


Activities and events keep seniors active, learning, and part of a community. Seniors may choose activities that would otherwise be difficult to do if living alone. 

With no home maintenance to worry about, there is often plenty of time for individual choices. These can be anything from game nights to concerts, movie night, shopping trips, or hobbies.


Options for meals include in-room dining or enjoying a meal in the on-site restaurants with other residents. Residents can enjoy chef-prepared meals with diverse menu options catering to any dietary restrictions. 


There is no shortage of amenities, activities and opportunities for seniors to explore their interests. Some of these amenities can include:

  • Fitness center
  • Beauty Salon and Barbershop
  • Community gathering space
  • Movie Theater
  • Library
  • Outdoor walking paths

For a Better Life in the Golden Years

Anyone who grows old can attest that it does become harder to manage daily tasks. With that knowledge, sometimes the concern about living in a retirement community is that it likely won’t be the same as staying at home with one’s family. 

Life in a retirement community is different, but it has so much more to offer a loved one. The extra time and security they gain by moving in, allows them to enjoy time with family and friends.

It is essential for a person who wants to move into a retirement community to look into the services and facilities offered to meet their needs. Schedule a visit with Bethany Village or contact us for more information about our living options. 

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