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10 Ways Senior Communities Promote Health & Wellness

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Senior communities are among the most popular choice for older adults who want to continue to live independently. They provide living for seniors with health, wellness, and highly personalized care. 

Aging in place is not always an option for many seniors. With age comes many challenges, including health concerns and disability. 

Aging well or successful aging is not just about longevity and living without disease and disability but also implies health, physical functionality, and psychological well-being. 

Importance of Health & Wellness

Did you know that well-being and health are closely related? Research suggests that well-being may be a protective factor in health. It can reduce the risk of chronic illnesses and promote longevity. 

Wellness is a holistic approach to encouraging a more purposeful, engaged, and enhanced lifestyle. We discuss 10 ways in which senior communities promote health and wellness. 

1: Senior Community Facilities

Amenities in senior communities are there for residents to build relationships, socialize, and keep them thriving. Examples of amenities may include a movie theatre, library, salon and barber services, and space for gatherings, special events, ceremonies, and festivals. 

2: Social Activities

Senior communities provide residents with opportunities for socializing that foster a healthy lifestyle. Social activities stimulate the mind and encourage friendships with other seniors where they can participate a lot or as little as they prefer. 

Social activities may include off-campus events, shopping trips, game nights, or live concerts. Activities and programs in senior communities cater to the interests of residents. In this way, seniors build new relationships, discover new interests and hobbies, and reduce the risk of social isolation. 

3: Exercise Programs

Seniors receive the benefits of physical activity while living in a senior community. Physical activity reduces the risk of health issues, falls, and improves mental health. Exercise reduces the risk of developing:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Obesity
  • Arthritis
A group of seniors stretching

Senior communities encourage exercise to stay in shape and reach your fitness goals. Several exercise classes and programs to increase strength, balance, flexibility, and breathing can include:

  • Boxing
  • Chair-based exercises and yoga
  • Circuit training
  • Yoga
  • Weight training

4: Nutrition

Older adults in senior communities enjoy socializing over a meal or snack with other residents. Sharing meals with friends can bring residents together and encourage healthy eating habits.

Aging in place with poor meal preparation, lack of transport and malnutrition are some challenges seniors face. In senior communities, specially prepared meals offer a well-balanced diet with diverse options and can accommodate restrictions.

5: Safe & Supportive Environment

Senior communities support residents with top-of-the-line care as seniors journey through life and as their needs change. They also provide a safe place by doing all the chores, home maintenance, and yard upkeep. 

Senior communities offer safety and security with supportive staff. They can sleep easy in a senior community by knowing they are safe and have 24-hour care if needed. 

Supportive environments influence healthy aging. Senior communities can provide a supportive environment with welcoming spaces, accessibility, transport services, and a place where residents can walk around. 

6: Learning Opportunities

Senior communities also incorporate opportunities for seniors to learn new things. These include joining clubs and attending lectures by professors and experts on various topics. Learning keeps seniors engaged and improves memory, mood, and quality of life.  

7: Spiritual Wellness

Senior communities that recognize a holistic approach to health and wellness also support the spiritual needs of seniors. General spirituality can include faith-based programs, volunteering opportunities, and caring staff who help residents experience dignity and wholeness in their relationship with God, family, and community.

A faith-based approach aims to include everyone from all walks of life to live together in an inclusive, welcoming community of people. 

8: Purpose

Purpose in life is having goals, meaning, and a sense of direction. A higher purpose is associated with better health, fewer chronic diseases, and less pain and disability. In addition, people with a higher purpose in life are more physically active and engaged. 

Senior communities recognize and value the inherent worth of each individual and help seniors experience dignity and achievable their best level of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and vocational ability.

9: Rehabilitation

For seniors who experience falls, injuries, surgery, or illness, senior communities support their recovery by providing rehabilitation services such as physical, occupational, and speech therapies. Senior communities also coordinate efforts with physicians and help with medication management and integration into other care and living options. 

10: Living Options

Stress can come from many things, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, anxiety, fear, and change. Stress can lead to or aggravate health conditions.  

Senior communities offer different living options to suit individual needs as seniors age so they can live stress-free. Living options include:

  • Independent living
  • Assisted living
  • Memory support 
  • Respite care

10 Reasons To Choose a Senior Community

Senior communities foster socializing in people who may be alone or unable to take care of themselves in other settings, leading to a happier lifestyle overall.

Bethany Lutheran Village offers seniors a range of facilities and social activities to create a more stimulating and enjoyable living environment and promote health and wellness. Schedule a visit to learn more about our community. 

Written by Bethany Village

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