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Why Fewer Square Feet Works for Senior Downsizers

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Moving into a smaller home isn’t as big of a sacrifice as you might think. Sure, you’re giving up square footage, but you’ll be saving big in other areas. Seven to eight hundred square feet may sound small, but it’s actually the ideal amount of space for seniors who are looking to downsize. According to an estimate provided by The Engineering ToolBox, each person needs an average of 300-400 square feet of personal space within a home to feel comfortable.

Downsizing to a smaller home is a practical, cost-efficient option, especially for seniors. Living in smaller square footage means cutting back on the maintenance that goes into caring for a larger home. Less upkeep means more time and funds for things that bring joy like travel or volunteering.

Downsizing to a Senior Living Community

A 700-800-square-foot living space is bigger than you might think. A home this size often features two bedrooms, one bath, a kitchen, and living space. So there’s still enough room to host a dinner or invite overnight guests. What other seniors have shared about the advantages of smaller living space:

  • Smaller homes and living arrangements are easier and less expensive to maintain 
  • You spend less time cleaning and decluttering
  • Furnishing and decorating are easier
  • Smaller homes reduce the temptation to accumulate
  • Frees up time to do more things you like 

Maximizing every inch of space, creating sensible walkway helps to create an open feeling in a smaller space. Decluttering is key—prioritize the things you can’t live without then get rid of or donate the rest. Adding smart storage solutions will also maximizes space, like stackable laundry machines and multi-use furniture. Extending living areas with outdoor seating and dining space on a backyard patio or balcony can also help your home feel bigger. Smaller can feel comfortable if you make smart choices.

Furniture Suggestions in a Senior Living Community

Bethany Village offers independent living cottages, villas, and apartments, as well as assisted living apartments. Our senior living homes vary in square footage, from large to small. View all of the floor plans in our community on our website!

Here’s what we suggest to bring for furniture if you plan to downsize.


Regular size three-seat sofas typically measure about 35 inches deep by 84 inches wide, while smaller space sofas usually measure somewhere between 68 and 80 inches wide, with a few inches shaved off to save space in depth. Look for space saving sofas that feature three cushions.

Sectional Sofas

Regular sectional sofas vary in size, with five-seat sectionals around 95 inches wide and 40 inches deep. A space saving sectional sofa, however, could be as small as 80 inches wide by 35 inches deep.


Loveseats and chaise lounges are good options for smaller spaces, measuring somewhere around 60 inches wide by 35 inches deep. If you’d like an apartment size loveseat to complement your apartment size sofa, look for one that measures around 53 inches wide by 35 inches deep.

Accent Chairs

Accent and armchairs measures 35 inches wide by 35 inches deep. You can go as small as you’d like on accent chairs, with comfortable styles measuring as little as 25 inches wide.

Coffee Tables

Consider coffee table sizing to ensure good balance and proportion. A typical coffee table measures about 30 inches wide, while space saving varieties may be as small as 24 inches wide and offer additional storage options.

Efficient Living at Bethany Village

Being selective in the pieces you decide to bring into a smaller home means having familiar or cherished pieces, but done with a purpose. A smaller living space can feel like home and be a space you can create and decorate for your future. Our design specialists can help you decide on the options that best suit your tastes and your new home.

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