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5 Unconventional Retirement Living Options

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unconventional retirement options for seniorsThoughts of retirement living often bring to mind long lazy days sipping lemonade on the porch or playing with the grandkids in the garden. But the truth is that seniors today have a variety of retirement living options. Here are some of the unconventional ways that seniors are spending their later years.

  1. Shipboard life. Believe it or not, seniors have found living aboard a cruise ship to be a unique and even affordable retirement option. One retiree simply booked cruises one after another for over twelve years. Some have found that costs are comparable to higher-end retirement homes. It’s a great escape for seniors in good health who enjoy traveling and want to live maintenance-free in their later years.
  2. Driving around the country – and getting paid for it. Many seniors are obliged to continue working to maintain their quality of life after they reach retirement age. But that doesn’t mean they have to give up on their dream of traveling during retirement. Many seniors – including senior couples – are taking to the roads as paid truck drivers. Not only do they get to see the country, and make their own schedules, but they get paid for it, too.
  3. Shared housing. Studies have shown that those of us who maintain strong friendships and social ties live longer, healthier lives. That may be why more retirement living options are centered around shared housing and/or communities. Choosing to go-in with other seniors on housing options or joining a retirement community like Bethany Village isn’t just cost-effective, but also good for one’s health.
  4. Niche retirement communities. What are you most passionate about? Golf? Art? Dance? More and more retirement communities are being created around shared interests. If you love to golf and want to spend your retirement with other like-minded people, you can choose a community built around a golf course. Artists’ colonies for seniors are also on the rise. There’s even a retirement community built exclusively for postal workers.
  5. Volunteer lifestyle. In exchange for room and board, seniors are volunteering for non-profits and state and national parks. Many have found that it’s a fulfilling and affordable way to give back to their communities and see more of the country.

While none of these retirement living options may be right for you, it’s exciting to see that there are so many paths available to seniors today.

Written by Bethany Village

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