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How to Improve Mobility in your 60s and Beyond

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Senior couple having fun in parkWhat’s your strategy to improve mobility as you age? Progressive diseases and physical impairments can make living a full and independent life very difficult. This decrease in mobility can severely limit our capacity to perform simple tasks like empty a dishwasher, take a walk, or even leave the home.

We all want to live independently for as long as possible. To achieve that, our experts at Bethany Village have put together this list of suggestions that can help you improve or maintain your mobility in your 60’s and beyond.

Use it or lose it. Stay active! Though we all lose some of our stamina as we age, it’s a myth that the elderly should not exercise. When we stop repeating certain physical activities, we can lose the ability to perform them at all. Speak to your doctor often about the right level of activity for you. Even just walking for twenty minutes a day can help. Low impact activities like water aerobics are great for overall fitness, too.

Stay positive. Negative attitudes toward exercise or physical exertion may harm your progress. Physical activity can be fun! Cultivate positivity and use the time you spend doing exercise to listen to audiobooks, or watch a television show you love while walking on a treadmill. If you enjoy the outdoors, go for a stroll in the park. Associating positive rewards with exercise will help you make it a habit.

Make a plan. Speaking of habits, physical activity should be a part of your daily to-do list, just like brushing your teeth. Plan some form of exercise each day, whether that’s gardening, walking, running errands, or even cleaning the house. It generally takes us anywhere from two to eight months to form a habit, so stick with your plan!

Get social. If walking or exercising alone doesn’t sound like much fun, form a walking or biking group. Agree to meet at regular intervals, and be accountable to one another so you’re not tempted to miss your appointment.

Consider physical therapy. If you already suffer from decreased mobility, get the help of a physical therapist to assess your needs. They can help you define your goals, work on proper walking technique, and suggest assistive devices to help you get moving.

What are some ways that you’re working to improve your own mobility as you age?

Written by Bethany Village

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