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How to Choose the Best Short-Term Rehabilitation Care for Seniors

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If you or a loved one have just scheduled or completed surgery, your doctor may ask about your plans for short-term rehabilitation care. As you face the road to recovery, rest assured that you do have choices when it comes to selecting your desired short-term rehabilitation center. We’ve compiled a guide to help you choose a short-term physical rehabilitation care option that works best for you.

Types of rehabilitation services

When selecting a short-term rehabilitation care facility for seniors, it’s important to be thorough in your research. Start by visiting the facility and find out what types of services are offered. Occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy are among the numbers of different treatments available to patients in a short-term rehab center.

Peaceful environment

Whether you are recovering from a fall, illness, or a major surgery, finding a rehabilitation center that offers a calming environment can make a world of difference in the duration of your stay. Search for a short-term rehab center with private rooms, bathrooms, as well as common areas to socialize with others. Whether you stay for a week or a few months, it’s important to feel relaxed and supported while you recover. 

Tailored care

It’s also important to look for a senior rehabilitation center that offers tailored, personalized care. What is the staff to patient ratio? How often is treatment offered? Finding a short-term rehab center with dedicated professionals who know your name and your treatment plan is critical to helping you get back on your feet. Look for rehabilitation facilities that have a variety of experts on staff, from dieticians to social workers, nurses, and physicians. Ultimately, when choosing a short-term rehabilitation option for seniors, look for a facility that can make you or your loved one feel comfortable and safe while still providing exceptional care.

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