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What are the Benefits of a Senior Rehabilitation Center?

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Top Tips for Transitioning Home After Short-Term Rehab

After being discharged from the hospital due to an illness, injury, or surgery such as a hip or knee replacement, many older adults need to stay in a short-term inpatient rehabilitation center to continue their therapy treatment. Spending time in a short-term senior rehab facility allows older adults to receive round-the-clock care, treatment, and support […]

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Ask an Expert: What’s the Benefit of Physical Therapy for Seniors?

An interview with Matt Cassidy, Director of Therapy Services at Bethany Village When an older adult experiences an injury, an extended illness that requires hospitalization, or elective surgery such as a knee replacement, their doctor will often recommend they receive physical therapy treatment after being discharged from the hospital. Physical therapy helps to improve mobility, […]

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Finding the Right Senior Rehab Care

If you’re researching senior rehab care for yourself or a loved one, you may have questions about your options. Typically, rehabilitation services can be provided through outpatient care, inpatient care, and at-home care, with many senior rehabilitation centers offering a combination of these services. With so many choices for rehab care, it’s important to what […]

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3 Hidden Perks of Short Term Rehab Care for Seniors

If you aren’t ready to return home from the hospital after a major surgery, illness, or injury, your doctor may recommend that you receive treatment in a rehabilitation center to enhance your recovery. What some families don’t realize is that they have options when it comes to selecting a rehabilitation center to receive treatment. Typically, […]

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How to Choose the Best Short-Term Rehabilitation Care for Seniors

  If you or a loved one have just scheduled or completed surgery, your doctor may ask about your plans for short-term rehabilitation care. As you face the road to recovery, rest assured that you do have choices when it comes to selecting your desired short-term rehabilitation center. We’ve compiled a guide to help you […]

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