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What are the Benefits of a Senior Rehabilitation Center?

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Ask an Expert: What’s the Benefit of Physical Therapy for Seniors?

An interview with Matt Cassidy, Director of Therapy Services at Bethany Village When an older adult experiences an injury, an extended illness that requires hospitalization, or elective surgery such as a knee replacement, their doctor will often recommend they receive physical therapy treatment after being discharged from the hospital. Physical therapy helps to improve mobility, […]

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Outpatient and Inpatient Senior Rehabilitation: What’s the Difference?

  If you have an older loved one who is recovering from hospitalization due to a surgery, illness, or injury, their doctor may suggest they receive rehabilitation treatment before returning home. Generally, two types of rehabilitation are offered to seniors: outpatient rehabilitation and inpatient rehabilitation. Many families don’t know the differences between these types of […]

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3 Reasons to Choose Inpatient Physical Rehab Centers for Seniors

Following a serious injury or illness requiring hospitalization, many doctors will recommend that their senior patients stay in a physical rehabilitation center as they recover. Inpatient senior rehabilitation is different from outpatient rehabilitation in that seniors are not required to drive or be transported to a rehab clinic for scheduled appointments. Instead, they stay for […]

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