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3 Reasons to Choose Inpatient Physical Rehab Centers for Seniors

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Following a serious injury or illness requiring hospitalization, many doctors will recommend that their senior patients stay in a physical rehabilitation center as they recover. Inpatient senior rehabilitation is different from outpatient rehabilitation in that seniors are not required to drive or be transported to a rehab clinic for scheduled appointments. Instead, they stay for multiple days or weeks in a supervised, monitored environment, sometimes located in a retirement community.

If your loved one is facing the challenges of recovery after surgery or a serious illness, remember that you do have a choice in their rehabilitation options. Here are three great reasons to choose a senior inpatient physical rehabilitation center.

  1. A well-rounded approach to care

Many inpatient senior rehabilitation centers have a wide variety of professional caregivers on staff, including physicians, therapists, nurses, social workers, and even dieticians who all work together to offer seniors well-rounded, highly-personalized treatment. A comprehensive treatment plan can expedite seniors’ recovery time and enable them to regain a sense of strength and independence before returning home.

  1. Motivation to heal

Unlike outpatient therapy or at-home care, seniors staying at inpatient physical rehabilitation facilities have around-the-clock attention and are motivated by a dedicated care team to make small improvements each day. Another benefit of inpatient rehabilitation in a retirement community is that seniors also have opportunities to make new friendships. For many seniors, recovering alone in their homes can be isolating and lead to problems like depression and loneliness, which may further impede their recovery progress. Retirement communities offer daily activities, allowing all residents the chance to forge new friendships.

  1. Build strength that lasts

For many older adults, muscle weakness can cause injuries to worsen or even lead to new ones. However, with consistent, frequent care from professionals in an inpatient senior rehab center, seniors can build strength at their own pace, and receive supervision during all exercises. This hands-on attention and monitoring from dedicated professionals can promote a faster and safer recovery for seniors, as opposed to completing exercises on their own at home.  

Written by Bethany Village

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