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Retirement Your Way: How to Decide Where to Spend Your Retirement

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As you’ve saved and planned for your retirement over the years, the thought “Where should I retire?” has probably crossed your mind. The reality is, there’s no one right answer to this question—it all depends on your personal interests, needs, and priorities.

Whether you choose to downsize to a smaller home in the same town or move to a new geographical location, there are some important factors you should consider when deciding where to spend your retirement.

Proximity to family

Staying connected with family—especially grandchildren—can be a major factor in where you choose to live after retiring. A desire to be present for birthdays, graduations, and other life celebrations is one of the top reasons retirees relocate. If you live far from family now, consider how often you’re willing to travel to see them. It may be easier and more convenient to live in the same city!

Interests, hobbies, and social activities

When you retire, you will have more free time than ever to spend doing the things you love. Think about the hobbies you have now that you want to continue. What fun new hobbies do you want to try in the future? Golfing, fishing, hiking, painting, gardening, and volunteering are just a few of the many interests you can pursue in your retirement years.

If you’re looking forward to staying active and meeting new people in retirement, consider the benefits of moving to an independent living community. In a welcoming, community setting, you’ll have daily opportunities for socialization with peers who share your interests. Enjoy being just steps away from fulfilling social events and activities such as book clubs, card clubs, live music performances, happy hours, and more.

Flexibility for travel

Many retirees want to use their newfound free time to travel the country (or the world!) If traveling is a priority for you, make sure your living arrangement supports your dreams. For example, it may be unsafe to leave your current house unattended for weeks at a time. You’ll likely need to arrange for a “house sitter” to take care of cleaning and maintenance duties and protect your home from potential security issues.

One of the biggest perks of living in an independent living community is the added benefit of on-site security, maintenance, and landscaping services. This way, you can be confident that your home will be safe and well cared for in your absence.

Comfort and convenience

Retirement is meant to be a time for well-deserved rest, relaxation, and fun. But all too often, retirees limit themselves by living in a large, difficult-to-maintain home. If chores and home maintenance tasks don’t fit into your vision of a carefree retirement, downsizing to an independent living community can be a great move. In independent living communities, residents have access to a variety of convenient amenities, such as light housekeeping, dining services, yard work and maintenance, and transportation services. When you’re not worrying about the hassles of keeping up a larger home, you can truly make the most of your retirement.

Whether your retirement is right around the corner or still a few years away, now is the time to start thinking about what’s most important to you. Planning ahead will help you find the retirement location that fits your desired lifestyle and supports your health, happiness, and wellbeing in the years to come.

Written by Bethany Village

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