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How to Compare Senior Retirement Communities

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senior living communitiesSenior retirement communities are on the rise. But with so many to choose from, how can you narrow down your choices?

Today there are a wide number of housing choices available to seniors, but what is appropriate for you or a loved one will largely depend on one’s needs, interests, and available finances.

Independent Living

Independent living communities are a perfect fit for seniors in good health who are mostly self-sufficient. They offer a sense of community while maintaining one’s independence and privacy. Many independent living communities offer amenities such as fitness centers, group classes, a shared dining area, and transportation services to local attractions, restaurants, and shopping centers. It’s important to note that independent living communities must be funded by the resident or their families, as they do not generally receive any government aid.

Assisted Living

If you need help performing everyday living activities such as bathing, dressing, taking medication, or housekeeping, an assisted living facility may be the right place for you. For those suffering with memory loss or dementia, many assisted living facilities will also have specialists available who can help.

Nursing Home

For those who require 24-hour medical and personal care, a nursing home will probably be the best fit. Medicare funds are generally available to help fund nursing home care, which can be expensive depending on the level of care required. Medicaid, a long-term care insurance policy, and financing from personal sources can help cover the costs.

Continuing-Care Retirement Communities

For those who would prefer to move to a campus which provides a range of housing options, a continuing-care retirement community or CCRC would best choice. Senior communities like these can provide every level of housing, from independent and assisted living to nursing home care and rehabilitation services.

Compare and Contrast

Each of these options has its own unique benefits. At Bethany Village, we have found that our residents greatly appreciate being part of a continuing-care retirement community like ours, as it allows seniors to age in place no matter the level of care they require. Staying on the same campus with new friends and familiar faces throughout their retirement years makes CCRC’s very popular. Whatever type of community you choose, be sure to spend time discussing the pros and cons of each with friends and family before you make your decision.

Written by Bethany Village

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