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St. Patrick’s Day ice cream social

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St Patricks 2014 b
Carroll Markowski and Carolyn Jordan

The fun-loving residents of Bethany Village Vista Place apartments and Bethany Village Cottages celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with an old fashioned ice cream social.Joan St. John and Virginia McKee cheerfully greet other residents as they entered Vista Place Lounge to celebrate. They, along with the help of Kathy Klein, Bethany Village Life Enrichment Team Leader, dished up a special bowl of ice cream and encouraged the perfect toppings for each lads and lasses that came for some companionship.

Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavored ice cream was available as well as a selection of chocolate or caramel toppings to be completed with whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry for on top.

Carroll Markowski, wearing his festive leprechaun hat, gave his best Irish accent while discussing kissing blarney stone and finding his glorious pot o’ gold. He and Carolyn, caregiver for Graceworks at Home jested that the ice cream must be calorie-free so as not to affect their tiny waistlines.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Virginia McKee, Kathy Klein, and Joan St. John dish out the ice cream
Virginia McKee, Kathy Klein, and Joan St. John dish out the ice cream

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