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Living With Diabetes – Tips from Kettering Health Network

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This post is part of a larger piece on diabetes and health presented in collaboration with the Kettering Health Network Joslin Diabetes Center. Click here to read it from the beginning.

Identifying Your Risk for Diabetes

Doctor helps diagnose diabetesWhile individuals with diabetes show symptoms such as irritability, shakiness, dizziness, vision problems, fatigue and headache, individuals with pre-diabetes do not exhibit these symptoms. The only way to identify pre-diabetes is through blood sugar testing. There are, however, certain groups that are particularly at-risk for diabetes. These groups include individuals of Native American, Alaskan Native and Asian descent, as well as women who experienced gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

Click here to download a PDF from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) that further explains the risks associated with Type 2 Diabetes, pre-diabetes and Heart Disease. This document also includes suggestions from the ADA to prevent and delay diabetes.

Continue reading to learn about tests available to diagnose diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Written by Bethany Village

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