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Summer Vacation: Helpful Tips for Savvy Senior Travelers

Summer is finally here, and it’s a perfect time to get away for a relaxing vacation. Whether you’re planning to board a plane to an international destination, hop on a cruise ship, or take a cross-country road trip this summer, check out these travel tips for savvy seniors: Plan ahead Make your vacation a stress-free […]

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Giving Back: The Amazing Benefits of Volunteering During Retirement

Volunteering is a wonderful thing. Dedicating your time and energy to support a charitable cause brings obvious benefits to others, but did you know that giving back can also benefit you as a volunteer? It’s true – volunteering offers numerous mental, physical, and emotional benefits. According to research gathered by the Corporation for National and […]

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How the Great Outdoors Improves Quality of Life for Older Adults

Spending time surrounded by nature has long been shown to have many positive impacts on people. In an age where we spend more and more time indoors and in front of digital screens, finding time to be immersed in nature is essential. Natural settings are not only beautiful, but they also provide valuable opportunities for […]

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Making the Move Together: 4 Tips for Couples Moving to a Senior Living Community

Long-term romantic relationships are known to have a significant positive effect on our mental and emotional wellbeing, but they can also impact our health as well. Research demonstrates that our relationships can even help stave off the risk of chronic diseases and health problems. A study found that when compared to single or divorced adults, […]

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A Good Night’s Sleep: Understanding Sleep Changes in Older Adults

We all know the feeling of a good night’s sleep. When you sleep well, you wake up feeling healthy, refreshed, and ready to start the day. But when you don’t have a well-rested night, you might feel sluggish, tired, and irritable. If you find yourself having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night, […]

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Ask the Experts: What to Expect in Post-Hospital Rehabilitation

After being discharged from the hospital due to an illness, injury, or elective surgery, many older adults are referred by their doctor to an inpatient senior rehabilitation facility, where they receive therapy services and medical care before returning home. But many times, older adults and their families feel intimidated or overwhelmed at the prospect of […]

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National Pet Month: 4 Incredible Benefits of Pets for Seniors

Pet lovers already know that interacting with animals adds companionship, comfort, and meaning to our lives. But science says that owning a pet is good for you, too! Research on human-animal relationships is fairly new, but recent studies indicate that pets provide a variety of mental, physical, and emotional health benefits to humans, ranging from […]

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Drink Up! The Importance of Staying Hydrated

Did you know that more than sixty percent of the average human body weight is water? It’s true–our bodies depend on water to function properly and keep us feeling our best. Without enough water, we experience dehydration, a condition with serious health consequences. Unfortunately, dehydration is a common senior health risk. Because older adults tend […]

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4 Science-Backed Reasons to Read More Books

In today’s digital age, it comes to no surprise to learn that electronic screens are beating books in the battle for our attention. According to a survey by the Pew Research Foundation, about a quarter of U.S. adults reported that they haven’t read a book (in whole or in part) in the past 12 months, […]

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