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Making Valentine’s Day Special for a Loved One with Dementia

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing appreciation for the ones we love. If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, you might be wondering how to celebrate the holiday together. As the disease progresses, individuals with dementia may not be able to remember certain details about their life. However, […]

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Retirement Your Way: How to Decide Where to Spend Your Retirement

As you’ve saved and planned for your retirement over the years, the thought “Where should I retire?” has probably crossed your mind. The reality is, there’s no one right answer to this question—it all depends on your personal interests, needs, and priorities. Whether you choose to downsize to a smaller home in the same town […]

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What’s New in Memory Care?

When it’s time to find memory care and support for a loved one, you might not know what to expect, especially if you’ve never visited a memory care community before. Like many people, you may even have outdated ideas of what memory care is really like. The truth is, memory care has changed tremendously over […]

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Join the Fight Against Heart Disease This February

When we think of February, we often think of hearts because of Valentine’s Day. It’s the holiday of love, after all! But did you know there’s another great reason to celebrate hearts this month? February is also recognized as American Heart Month, and it’s a perfect opportunity to learn more about heart health and take […]

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When is it Time for Memory Care? Look for These 5 Signs

When a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia, there are many difficult decisions to make, including when to consider residential memory care. Because no two people experience dementia in exactly the same way, it’s hard to predict how quickly an individual’s symptoms will progress over time. In the early stages of […]

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5 Fast Facts to Know About Assisted Living

Assisted living is the fastest-growing senior living segment in the United States, with thousands of older adults choosing to move to a community rather than “age in place” at home. But despite its popularity, there are still many myths surrounding assisted living that may prevent older adults from making the move. If you’re thinking about […]

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3 Big Benefits of Walking Clubs

Did you make a resolution to walk more this year? Instead of walking by yourself, consider joining a walking club! Walking with others is a fun, safe, and convenient way to stick with your fitness resolution and make new friends—all while embracing a healthy, active lifestyle. If you’re ready to add more exercise to your […]

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How to Manage the Emotional Side of Downsizing

Moving is a big undertaking at any stage of life, and it can be especially difficult for older adults transitioning from a large family home to a smaller living space. The decision to downsize to a senior apartment in a retirement community represents a major life change, one that comes with a lot of emotions. […]

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How to Compare Assisted Living Memory Care Communities

An estimated 5.8 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, and this number is expected to increase over the next decade. As the Baby Boomer generation reaches retirement age, quality memory care will be essential. Recognizing this, the senior living industry has evolved to meet the needs of the next […]

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5 Energizing Foods to Fuel Your Winter

During the cold winter months, it’s common to experience a lack of energy and motivation. Part of this problem can be the foods we tend to eat in the winter, such as carb-heavy “comfort meals” and sugary holiday treats. While all food gives us fuel, some provide more energy and mood-boosting benefits than others. If […]

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