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Caregiver Burnout: When is it Time to Get Help?

As the population ages, the number of American adults providing unpaid care to a loved one has climbed to 53 million, representing more than 1 in 5 adults. Family caregivers help with everything from running errands and preparing meals to assisting with grooming, dressing, medication management, and other activities of daily living.  Taking on the […]

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How Does Short-Term Rehab Promote Faster Recovery for Seniors?

After spending time in the hospital, whether for an illness, accident, or planned elective surgery, seniors are often faced with the decision to either recover in a short-term rehabilitation facility or at home. While it’s natural to want to get back to a familiar setting as soon as possible following a hospital stay, there are […]

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5 Questions to Consider Before Becoming a Family Caregiver

When your aging parent begins to need assistance with daily tasks, it’s natural to fall into the role of caregiver. After all, you want to be a part of your loved one’s life and help them in any way you can. However, becoming a full-time family caregiver is a decision that should not be taken […]

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September is Falls Prevention Month: How to Identify and Avoid Fall Risks

September is National Falls Prevention Month, a time to raise awareness about falls and the steps we can all take to prevent them. Falls are particularly common — and dangerous — among adults over the age of 65. According to the National Council on Aging, one out of every four older adults will fall each […]

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Happier and Healthier: New Study Reveals Benefits of Continuing-Care Retirement Communities

The Mather Institute recently released the latest report from its innovative 5-year Age Well Study. The Study provides further insight into the health and wellness of seniors living in continuing-care retirement communities (CCRCs). Building upon the first two years, Year 3 of the Age Well Study focused on the happiness and life satisfaction of residents […]

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How to Compare Senior Living Options

Choosing a senior living community is one of life’s biggest decisions. You want to find the right community, one that not only provides high-quality care but also matches your lifestyle and preferences for amenities and services. As you begin to search, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by all the options available. The truth is that […]

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Is it the Right Time for Memory Care? 3 Signs to Look For

It’s not always easy to recognize when a loved one needs more help than can be provided at home, especially when they are diagnosed with the early stages of a progressive memory condition, like Alzheimer’s disease. That’s why it’s so important to watch for certain signs that may indicate it’s time to shift the care […]

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5 Hobbies to Try in Retirement

After years of hard work, retirement is a well-deserved break and an opportunity to pursue the hobbies and activities that bring you joy. How do you envision spending your retirement years? If you’re looking for a little inspiration, here are some of the top hobbies to try in retirement: #1: Grow your green thumb Whether […]

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3 Top Benefits of At-Home Care

Our homes provide a sense of comfort, familiarity, and stability. That’s why many older adults would prefer to “age in place” and continue living in their homes as long as possible. However, illnesses, injuries, and other health concerns can make it more challenging to safely age in place, especially for those who live alone. One […]

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How Do Social Connections Support Healthy Aging?

Most of us know that regular exercise and eating a well-balanced diet are important for our overall health and wellness as we get older. But research is revealing that there’s another essential factor that influences healthy aging: our social connections. Having social support from family and friends is related to higher self-esteem, better mental health, […]

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